Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why am I blogging anyway?

I guess I've wanted to try blogging for a while so this is it. However it is not a real blog yet. Not in the sense that anyone reads it. I don't fully know what you need to do to get a blog read but I am sure you need to advertise it. I don't mean blatant advertising. I mean subtle stuff like responding to other blogs and casually dropping a link to your own, posting on internet forums with a link to the blog in the signature and other stuff like that. The chance of someone stumbling across my blog by accident is virtually nil. I can hardly find it myself unless I use the bookmark stored in my browser. I don't think I am ready to start touting for custom yet. On the one hand this is kind of a test to see if I can keep blogging on an almost daily basis for a week or so before I go public. On the other hand I amn't sure what kind of blog I want this to be. There are a few reasons why I am doing this. First off I like to write but rarely get the chance so this is an outlet for that. Secondly its a kind of a diary - I enjoy reading back over my own musings even if no else ever sees them. I guess the fact that I am doing this on a public blogging site on the interweb means that I will eventually try and go public. But not today. By the way I am going away for the weekend so I wont be blogging for a few days.

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