Sunday, November 19, 2006

Guild Wars update

For the record I have reached level 18 and I have just got as far as "The Wilds" mission. This is by no means fast levelling Some people get to level 20 in less than a week. I have however been enjoying the scenery trying to do as many side quests as possible. I spent an inordinate amount of time completing a mission called "The villainy of Galrath". This trek involve a huge trek across 4 zones from Lions Arch to Kessex Peak. Kessex peak itself is full of level 20 mobs which will tear a player and his henchmen to pieces. I knew it would be a tough mission before taking it on so I stopped off in "The Temple of Ages" along the way. I started out at level 16 and upgraded to 17 during the course of the quest.I died many times getting there but once there I could upgrade my henchmen from level 12 to 15 and also increase the size of my party from 6 to 8. With this large party I easily cut a swathe through the Black Curtain towards Kessex Peak killing 2 level 24 bosses along the way ( an ancient tree and a mesmer character). My confidence was further boosted by the ease with which we cleared the first area of Kessex peak - a swamp infested with Reed Stalkers, annoying Spined Aloe and level 20 Fog Nightmares. When we came out of the swamp into a plane in bright sunshine I got overconfident and strolled straight out. That was a big mistake beacuse the plane turned out to contain a huge number of very aggressive patrolling lvl 19 Minotaurs and Fen Trolls. I lost several lives on this plain and was carying a large death penalty when I finaly got to the teraced plateaux where the object of the quest Galrath was standing. Galrath was easy but the level 20 groups of Verata Apprentices and Eyes of Verata at the base were not. These apprentices have some effective necro healing ability and also spawn bone fiends from corpses. The Eyes of Verata cast a choking gas which interrupts spellcasting and increases their arrow damage. It was late, I was tired we were carrying 60% death penalty. When you die in Guild wars your health and energy are reduced by 15% for each death increasing the likelihood of dying again. After 4 deaths you hit the maximum penalty of 60%. We just ploughed on through coming back for more every time we got wiped. It wasn't pretty but eventually we got to the top of the peak and killed Galrath. Job done.

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