Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not everyone is unhappy about the closure of Google Reader

Banner message across the Netvibes front page today (emphasis is mine):

If you're experiencing slowdowns or feed latency, please bear with us as we work hard to handle a huge amount of new users. Thank you for your patience

If you aren't familiar with Netvibes it offers a customised web portal (like the soon to be shuttered iGoogle) but it also includes a very flexible feed reading capability (like the soon to be closed Google Reader). I suspect that the big influx of new users are all migrants from Google. I have been using Netvibes for several years now. I originally switched from iGoogle and Google reader because Netvibes has much better support for mobile devices, even on Googles own Android platform but I am very happy with Netvibes overall and heartily reccommend it.
EDIT: Looks like I was right. Netvibes official blog have credited the increase with the closure of Google's reader and has already put up a helpful "how to migrate" page.


Kris C said...

Interesting. I've been a Netvibes user for years, so pleased to see them gaining off the back of this. I have to say I didn't really warm to the mobile experience (on Android at least), it seemed very fiddly compared to the desktop. Maybe I should give it a second chance...

mbp said...

Hi Kris, Netvibes has several mobile clients so you can pick and choose the one you prefer. is a text only client that I find great for the phone especially on a slow data connection. is their default android phone client. I don't like this one and don't use it much. the same as above but for iphone. This also works on android phones if you use one of the webkit browsers (Chrome, Dolphin). Even though it looks identical to I think it is runs more smoothly even on android phones. I still don't like it though.

and of course don't forget the desktop client - I use this on my tablet but it is also very usable on a phone if you have a good data connection.