Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to compete with the Steam Christmas Sale: Get your retaliation in first

Like many gamers I am looking forward to Steam's post Christmas sale. It is a great opportunity to pad out ones gaming library with some bargains. Valve generally adds a bit of showmanship with holiday achievements and such so it is always a fun event event though I never seem to have quite as much free time for gaming over the holiday period anticipated.

What then for the also rans of digital game distribution? Surely the overwhelming dominance of Steam must send them into pits of despair as they consider that what should be their best selling period of the year is so completely overshadowed by the looming behemoth that is the Steam Sale.

Well this year I am pleased to note that the GoGs, Gamestop's,  Game Flys and other distributors are not sitting back and waiting for Steam to roll over their Yuletide hopes and dreams. In a masterful display of competitive strategy they are getting their retaliation in first by holding substantial sales before Christmas.

In my case at least this strategy is proving effective. I haven't spend a penny on Steam in over a month but I have nevertheless gradually been picking up titles off my most wanted list. "XCOM", "Far Cry 3" and "The Secret World" are among my most recent purchases all bought for substantial discounts and none of them bought from Steam.

I doubt this will put much of a dent in Valve's post Christmas extravaganza. Indeed I know several gamers who prefer to get all their games from one source but I am happier to spread my cash around. Fond and all though I have become of Steam I do think a little bit of healthy competition is good for them.

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