Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NBI The story behind the post #4

You know you have caught the blogging bug when you start to judge gaming experiences by how well they will write. Getting pod killed in he harsh world of EVE is not a pleasant experience but the first time it happened to me I was inspired to write this post: http://mindbendingpuzzles.blogspot.com/2008/05/podded.html.

The game's lore suggests that memories are instantly tranferred to a clone at the moment of death but I used a bit of poetic license to imagine the first thoughts of someone waking up in a clone body with no memory of the fiery death of their predecessor.

I think it works and I like the post very much. At the end the newly revived clone dis-owns the foolishness that got his predecessor killed. This was actually a true reflection of my own thoughts about the game at that point. Getting pod killed for the first time is a right of passage in the game. I have heard of several players who never made it past that point. Those who persist are likely to be pod killed many times more in the future but it is that first death to the guns of another player that makes you grow up. You may have heard that EVE is a harsh game but until you have your plans ruined by another player you cannot really appreciate what that means. Perhaps the hardest lesson is that you have no one to blame but yourself. Someone else may have fired the shot it was your own foolishness which gave them the opportunity to do it.

For a relatively niche game EVE punches far above is weight in terms of write-ability. I know of no other mmorpg that provides so much drama and intrigue at every level of the game and I could have picked several other EVE tales for this "story behind he post" slot.

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