Friday, April 20, 2012

Eve - ready for another long break

Two months ago when I was contemplating a return to EVE I said that "I generally don't have the patience to hang around long enough to achieve substantial in game goals."

History is repeating itself and I find that my urge to play the game has once more subsided. My sub is still active and I still log in to update my skill queue but that is about it. There just isn't anything else I want to do in the game as solo player. For various reasons I am not in the mood to join with others and engage more fully in the social side of EVE at this point in time although I wouldn't rule that out in the future. I am still keeping up with EVE blogs and forums and I have decided to keep up the sub up for a few months to pad out my "core skill sets" which should give me a better platform the next time I come back to the game.

If I do come back what will I do next? I am a carebear at heart and I am not particularly competitive so I am probably not a great fit for EVE's fairly cut throat non-consensual pvp game. Nevertheless I find it hard to get excited about about industry and commerce (I love that the game has them but I don't want to do them myself). Wilhelm of Ancient Gaming Noob fame has recently undergone a conversion from PVE carebear to fighter in the great Goonfleet armada and is enjoying it so if I do return I will probably try some pvp just to see if it appeals to me. I might try and get into one of the "pvp training" courses as a start.

I actually picked a fairly interesting month to spend with EVE given that it spanned the CSM conference and Mittani-gate. Much internet bandwidth was spent on not entirely level headed consideration of whether or not EVE's "Harden The Fizzlesticks Up" culture is inherently evil. I have kept out of these debates (?) but I have thought about the issue and I will probably try to put my personal views down in ascii later.

As a final thought I cannot think of anything better than one sentence from my February post:
"Almost all the things that I personally love about EVE can be enjoyed right there by a brand new character in a starter Frigate"


Stabs said...

Fair enough. I'm actually playing quite a lot now but will be going into Eve hibernation when Diablo 3 comes out.

Are you going to keep paying for Eve even though you don't play it? To my mind that's one of the cleverest things about the game design, that people want to keep their skills going even if inactive. Jon at the Van Hemlock podcast skilled for about 5 years without really playing much.

mbp said...

I haven't kept up skill training in the past when I stopped playing but as a consequence I have gaps in my core skill sets. I don't intend to keep paying a sub forever but I have a training plan that will get me to a reasonable level of competence in a few key areas and I am going to try and finish it because I am sure to come back to the game. In fact I will probably be back sooner rather than later - I do intend to visit Jita during the "Burn Campaign" to see what happens and I will want to try out the changes in the new patch coming soon.

DM Osbon said...

@Stabs talking Diablo 3 for a moment, will PC & Mac gamers get to 'team' together in co-op?

@mbp Diablo 3?

Stabs said...

@ DM I think so. Not 100% sure but once you're logged in I don't think it cares what client you are using.

@mpb Yup. Here's one of the things I'm doing for Burn Jita. I sent myself a buddy key and immediately used a plex on it. That renews the sending account for a month as well as giving me a 51 day alt. The alt will run around Jita in a Vigil salvaging. Below the 900k skill point threshhold clones are free, I'll have a stash of Vigils spare and I'll grab as much floating stuff as I possibly can while watching the fun. Oh and I'll also be selling fitted gank Tornados to the gankers on contracts. Looking forward to it :)

mbp said...

Hmm ... Stabs I was just planning on spectating at the Burn Jita . I hadn't thought of trying to make a profit from it. Interesting idea.

@DM I wasn't planning on Diablo 3. I generally get bored of hack and slashers very quickly so its not worth new release price to me. If I can pick it up later on sale discount I might have a look.