Has SWTOR Sold Out? Even on Origin?

Only a couple of days after launch it seems that digital download sales of SWTOR have been halted. 

I am still undecided about purchasing the game but I logged into Origin to check out pricing. At first I was a little bit surprised to see that the only version listed was the digital deluxe version costing €75. I was even more surprised when I clicked the link to be told: "Product No Longer Available".  Thinking I may have missed something I searched again for any other edition but no. There was none available for sale.

Then I went to the Bioware website which directed me to the Origin Web Page for Ireland: http://store.origin.com/store/eaemea/en_IE/html/pbPage.SWTOR_IE/   While the web page does list the standard edition (at a price higher than I have seen it in stores) the purchase button is greyed out and I could not purchase the game even if I wanted to.

Interestingly the link to purchase additional game time works. Could it be that EA are actually restricting sales of the game in order to reduce crowding? 

EDIT: False alarm it seems the origin web page is working again and the retail version is now on sale. Perhaps it was something to do with server downtime this morning but why then were game time cards still on sale? 


Thallian said…
My advice: use google product seach. http://www.google.com/shopping

There's got to be a copy available someplace, in some mom and pop shop.
mbp said…
Hi Thallian it seems to be working again, don't know why the outage. I am still undecided about the game though. I plan to play a bit of Skyrim over the Christmas and that is likely to keep me busy for a while.
sinreal11 said…
Could it be that EA are actually restricting sales of the game in order to reduce crowding? swtor credits
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