Monday, March 14, 2011

Can you reccommend some interesting non gamer blogs?

Over the years I have revised and improved my daily reading list list both in terms of the content and the technology I use to read it. I am currently using Netvibes as my reader of choice because I find it presents the maximum content in the minimum of space. This allows me to skim over a hundred or more headlines very quickly to select which ones warrant further analysis. In fact this process is so efficient that I am ready to expand the list of feeds I subscribe to.

Looking over my current reading list however I cannot help noticing that it is heavily biased in favour of gaming blogs and mmorpg gaming blogs at that. I feel the need to expand my horizons a bit so I am on the hunt for some interesting non gaming blogs that will hold my attention. It is hard to tie down exactly what I am looking for because I deliberately want to broaden my horizons. I will consider anything well written and informative that updates fairly regularly. I love the intimacy of bogging so blogs are preferred to professional news sites but I amn't ruling anything out. 

First example of something I stumbled upon by accident: I, Cringely the blog of Robert Cringely the author of  "Accidental Empires" and presenter of the equally good 1996 PBS series based on the book. Cringely has won a place on my reading list for his informative articles on what is probably happening in Japan's earthquake troubled nuclear plants as well as this terrific rant piece where he rails against a piece of pseudo journalism that purportedly highlights where American's waste money but as Cringely points out is actually saying that "eating, having family and friends, enjoying music, having a dog or cat, experiencing the world, knocking back a dirty martini, exercising, and replacing our worn-out clothing is a frigging waste of money."


Anonymous said...

Heh, when I saw the title of your post, I thought about Cringely. But I see you've already been there.

Interesting, non-gaming, and still active though... have to dig through Google Reader and see if I have anything else.

mbp said...

Cringely is a find alright. I absolutely loved Accidental Empires and was delighted to see that he is still writing.

If you do come across anything Wilhelm I would love to hear about it please. I need to start broadening my mind.

Tesh said...

Professor Beej runs a nice place. He writes about games, but also about writing. Andrew's Systemic Babble branches out, too. is a place I keep going back to as an interesting repository of market watchdogging with a side order of political commentary (because it affects the markets... and he winds up disliking almost *all* politicians). is an interesting site, part philosophy, part economics, just a touch of politics.

I know, I know, politics can be fussy things. Still, those two tend to have a pretty level take on things, more "big picture", less "d00d, Dems/Repubs suck" nonsense. More "governance", less "politics", I guess. is a fun steampunk/Star Wars/geek haven, and the author's Cake Wrecks blog is good fun, too:

mbp said...

Thank you Tesh. Lots of lovely stuff to browse through there.