Saturday, January 08, 2011

Goodbye Christmas Tree

This being the first weekend after the 6th December it falls to me to dispose of our Christmas tree.

Fir trees are more popular than spruce as Christmas trees because Fir do not gradually lose all their needles as they dry out. Instead the Fir tree waits until the day you try to dispose of it and then it dumps all of its needles onto your carpet, onto your person and into your car in one almighty storm of foliage.

Ah well, such is the price that must be paid for getting a real tree.  It has become something a a tradition in our family to choose a still living tree from a local Christmas tree farm. It is always freezing but the magic of choosing just the right tree is special.

Farewell Christmas tree.


Cap'n John said...

We just had to drag our tree outside to the front sidewalk where the local Council comes and picks it up. Fortunately when we'd got it, I'd set the tree up just inside the living room entrance, which was right next to the front door. And as the front lawn is barely 10-feet deep (from house to walk) it was a very short trip to the Christmas Tree drop-off point. It didn't stop it dropping its needles all over the place, but it did limit the places they could be dropped.

mbp said...

Hi Capn John. Our council isn't so obliging. I have to bring the tree to a local park for recycling. It is less that a mile away but it is still a car journey. Faced with the choice of destroying the inside of my car or the outside I opted for the latter and tied the tree to the roof. It was esy enough to brush the needles off the paintwork and I reckon a shower of rain will do for the remainder.