Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Let Freedom Ring". European Lotro goes F2P on November 2nd.

After a delay of almost two months European Lotro-players will finally get the new patch and the transition to free to play on Tuesday 2nd November.

If I was to judge the mood of the european player base it is one of feverish anticipation. I know that European players were initially disappointed at the delay  and angry at the lack of explanation from Codemasters. During the first few weeks of the delay there was almost no communication from Codemasters except for a very occasional embarrassed post from a community manger telling us nothing. Eventually we got a post from the David Solari MD of Codemasters apologising for the delay and explaining it was down to contractual issues. This was an important and necessary conciliatory measure. After that post much of the anger dissipated and the anticipation began to build again.  The preview server that was put up last week was  mobbed and had login queues of three to four hours.

We have waited, how we have waited. We want this patch so badly. We want the shiny new content. We want the influx of new players. We even want the opportunity to spend our money on frivolous fluff in the item shop.

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"


Stabs said...

You shall not pay!

Martin Richard said...

I made a dwarf champion on nimrodel (US) a couple of weeks ago to try LOTRO again since it turned F2P.. So far I'm having lots of fun! They also did everything nicely to incite people into microtransaction - gentle nudges, no pressure, small prices, they even throw you pennies so you get a taste.. no wonder they're making twice their revenue now..

mbp said...

Hi Stabs and Martin. Apologies for not replying to your comments sooner.

European Free to play has finally started finally. I have yet to make a purchase in the item shop but I can certainly see the attraction. Buying stuff is entertaining.