Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Blog Doesn't work in Firefox anymore!

Since yesterday My blog front page has appeared corrupted whenever I try to browse it in Firefox. It looks fine in IE7. I diabled all my firefxox add ons and it still doesn work (all I get is a page of un-rendered html.)

If anyone knows anything about this I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Edit: Problem solved. It went away of its own accord. Good job too because according to sitemeter the vast majority of the visitors to this blog use Firefox. I am a Firefox user myself so I probably skew the numbers but I have been using FF2 for a while and FF1 accounts for 43% of my visitors.


Van Hemlock said...

Seems to look okay here - Firefox I have Adblock and British English Dictionary 1.19.

Not sure that helps.

mbp said...

It seem to be fixed now VH. I saw some mention of a blogger update this morning. Perhaps that fixed it.

Welcome back to game blogging (glogging?) by the way.