Sunday, August 19, 2007

MMORPGs - What are they???

So I am back from the "holiday of a lifetime" (t.m.) where I spent a few great weeks on the far side of the world with my family. Being on holiday for so long was terrific, spending all that time with my family was terrific, not spending hours every day in front of a PC was terrific, not having to log in to play an MMORPG every day was terrific and actually not having to think about what to write in this blog was also terrific.

So where does that leave my gaming and my blogging now that I am back?

On the gaming front I am playing PC games again but I have avoided logging on to any MMORPGs. I played and finished Half Life 2 Episode 1 (so so) and I am working my way through Company of Heroes single player campaign (excellent in many ways but let down a bit by extremely poor enemy AI).

It's great to be able to spend some time on single player games - a luxury that is denied me when I get heavily into a multplayer game. The timing is just right too because the interweb is abuzz with news and previews of Bioshock. Bioshock comes from the geniuses behind System Shock 2 and it is scoring huge marks in online reviews. Eurogamer give the Xbox360 version 10 out of 10 and this CVG review gives hope that the PC version is just as good. Normally I am a miser and put off buying games until the price drops but this time I may make an exception.

It looks like I'll be playing single player games for a while though so where does that leave blogging? I guess I'll continue to write the odd piece that catches my interest but I doubt if I will be contributing as diligently as I did before the Summer.

P.S. I realise that this was probably the worst summer on record for residents of the UK and Ireland so my sympathy goes out to any of you who had to put up with this while we were enjoying Australia. If it is any consolation the South East of Australia was experiencing one of its coldest winters on record but I can vouch for the fact that that the coldest Winter on record in Australia is not much worse than a typical UK and Ireland Summer!


DM Osbon said...

Welcome back

One of reasons I blog about a variety of topics is I know if I stuck to one area I would be doing myself a diservice.

MMORPG blogs are fine but even Tobold 's recent posts have been a little sporadic of late as there is very little out there that hasn't already be discussed.

I write a blog primarily because I love writing & as long as I have something to say I will be 'qwertying' away.

mbp said...

Hello DM, thank you for your welcome. After six weeks away its nice to be back - even to a wet Irish Summer. We experienced some very hot and humid tropical weather on our way to and from Australia and I much prefer our more temperate climate.

Thank you also for advice on blogging. Taking a break has set me thinking about why I am blogging and what sort of Blog I want to keep.