Friday, March 09, 2007

Upgrading to a Nokia 6233

I upgraded my phone in January from a Nokia 6230 to a Nokia 6233. I'm not exactly a power user of phones but I can say that the new phone is nice to use with a lovely clear display and big easy to press buttons. The only bad point is that the included 2 megapixel is awful. I don't know why they bother with 2 megapixels at all since the optics/sensor/filtering arrangment is clearly incapable of supporting it. As an indication of how bad it is consider that a 1600x1200 (2 mega pixel) photo taken on high quality mode is virtually indistinguishable in quality from the same photo taken in medium quality 640*480 mode when uploaded to a PC and examined.

Anyway I don't take many photos with my phone so I was generally happy until last week when the phone developed a permanent orange vertical line superimposed on top of the display. This was abit dissapointing for a phone that was less than two months old. I brought the phone straght back to the shop to discover that I was just outside of the shops 28 day warranty and might have to pay for a repair myself. There is still hope that Nokia may pay for the repair free of charge but the real topic I want to discuss is the fact that I chose not to buy extra insurance on this phone and am therefore at the mercy of the manufacturers warranty.

Althought the upfront cost of the phone was low (it came bundled with a call package) I understand that the replacement cost of such a phone would be around €300. This and the possible liability for thousands of euros worth of calls in the event of the phone being lost or stolen phone formed major themes of the salesman argument when he tried to sell me additional insurance with the phone. I said no. Even though that same salesman later pointed out to me that I may now be facing an out of pocket repair cost due to my negelct of insurance I am still happy that I said no.

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