Saturday, December 09, 2006

Operation Gamecube Update

My not so secret campaign to get other members of my family involved in video games through the purchase of a second hand gamecube is having mixed results. Donkey Konga is a big hit with my wife and the girls. The Lady of the house has firmly established herself as the best drummer in the family. I am not completely satisfied however - hitting a pair of plastic bongo drums doesn't feel like real gaming to me. Sadly the other games I bought seem to have less appeal. Most worrying is the fact that both my wife and girls have taken an aversion to the game controller. My wife announced that she is hopeless at using that kind of thing and the girls have more or less followed suit. In fairness to the beautiful lady when I explained to her that this was important to me she did spend a couple of hours with me playing through Monkey Ball Adventure. This is quite a tough game to control for joy pad novice because the rolling monkey balls have inertia and don't just immediately go the way you want them to. Nevertheless we both kind of got the hang of it after the session. God bless the woman. Love is forcing your self to play video games to please your husband.

This game may still be too tricky for my 6 and 8 year old I fear. I went looking for other games. As far as I can tell there is only one shop in my city still selling gamecube games so I don't mind stocking up on a few before they disappear altogether. Sadly none of the games available seem appropriate. There is no point in my getting adult games for the gamecube - I can play those on my PC. I would love to get a co-operative game that is suitable for kids but most of the multi-player modes are competitive rather than co-operative. My girls just aren't into competitive and the difference in abilities makes competition pointless. A co-operative game might be a hit though.

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