Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why do you hate Darkfall?

Thank you Syncaine for showing us the response of the Darkfall community to the Eurogamer review.

I can understand how a niche game like Darkfall generates such strong feeling among its fans. It's very isolation instils a kind of "us versus them" solidarity.

I am a big carebear myself and I will almost certainly never play Darkfall but I am happy to let those who like that sort of thing get on with it.

What I cannot understand is why Darkfall and those who play the game seem to have generated such strong levels of antipathy among people who have never played it and who admit to not liking that sort of game anyway.

So I am asking why?

You know who you are. You never intended to play Darkfall in the first place yet you have been busily writing blog and forum posts bad-mouthing the game and its players. Depending on your style these swipes have ranged from cleverly snide to downright vitriolic. Why?


unwize said...

I'm in the same boat with you when it comes to Darkfall. Not my cup of tea, but live and let live.

I can only imagine that the Darkfall antipathy is fuelled by a dislike for the kind of gamer that enjoys hardcore PvP.

Not to tar all such players with the same brush, but they do have a reputation for being rude and abrasive.

Anton said...

I think the game could be plenty of fun, and this whole drama is just adding to the fun of it all.

My personal reaction to the description of Darkfall was that it sounded like a game I'd always wanted to play. My reaction to the graphics was "Ew."

I'd still like to give it a try, at least for a trial account or something.