Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freedom from MMOs

I do not have any active mmo subscriptions. Apart from a couple of hours spent messing about in Free Realms it has been over a month since I have played an mmo and it feels good.

I am enjoying not having one game which demands all of my attention all of the time. I am enjoying the distance that allows me to cast a disinterested eye on all those petty niggles which become so frustrating when you are immersed in a particular game. I am even enjoying the lack of social responsibility that comes from being in a guild and trying to make a positive contribution.

Even though I quit because of boredom it has still taken me about a month to reach this new happy state. Mmos are great time fillers and provide an instant answer to the nightly question of "what will I do now"?For some years I have relied on gaming as a major pastime and have come to depend on the nightly shot of endorphins that a good gaming session can provide. Quitting an mmo leaves a gap and it has taken me several weeks to re-adjust and find pleasure again in single player gaming.

The adrenaline filled action of Serious Sam was the first game I really enjoyed in over a month and was something of a breakthrough. Now I have just picked up Jade Empire and my first impressions of this story driven tale which combines rpg and action elements are very good.

Please don't take this piece as a rant against mmos. I have obtained much pleasure from social gaming and I am sure I will return to an mmo in the future but sometimes it is good to take a break. At this moment, for me single player gaming feels good.


Chappo said...

Wait, you're not playing an MMO? Unsociable freak...
Seems funny that we consider the MMO the most social type of games yet it really only seems to suck us out of our social life in the 'real world'

mbp said...

Hi Chappo - Many of our fellow bloggers seem to have "real life" friends and acquaintances who are also involved in gaming so the distinction between worlds is not so clear cut. I don't however so for me spending time on-line means time not spend with real world friends.